Due Diligence 

SATT is a great chance to get financing. At SATT, Issuers have an additional mechanism to raise capital via the internet through our crowd investing platform.


Review the following checklist and have many of these items ready once we call you. 

  1. Go to SeedAtTheTable.com. Register and then click "Sign in" to begin building your offer. You must fill out the different tabs.

  2. Fill out all of the onboarding tabs.

  3. SATT will assist you in your efforts to create the documentation required to file with the SEC. We will be in direct correspondence via email and phone to walk you through the process. We will help you exceed the requirements for SATT’s due diligence requirements and to populate the SEC approved Offering Document.

  4. Data inputs required and/or listed on your campaign will be:

    1. Basics: Nothing complicated, just upload a background image, logo and fill out the fields about your company.

    2. Story: This is the campaign editor, and you can build great looking pages.

    3. Team: Enter each founder, officer and top team members photo and bio.

    4. Business Type: Enter the nature of the business.

    5. Timeline: Enter each milestone from the inception to important future milestones.

    6. Legal: Provide a link to legal information about the company.

    7. Financial: Provide a link to the financial details.

    8. Terms: Enter the terms of the offering.

  5. Click Start Campaign and you will be in queue for diligence review and approval. 

  6. Our due diligence team works hard to provide feedback within 5 business days from when you submit your offering. Make the recommended changes by due diligence. 

  7. Remember, you are filing with the SEC and therefore should expect a couple of comments back and forth to make sure everything is correct and compliant. 

  8. SATT fills in your Form C and you sign the final agreements (not submitting yet)

  9. Once approved by due diligence, SATT will request your final approval and will then file the Form C for you. Be patient as filing with the SEC EDGAR site can take a couple of hours. To go live, you must sign a couple of agreements to set up your escrow account (review the contract and email info@SeedAtTheTable.com for signature agreements), set up the technology, and our SATT Posting Agreement.

  10. SATT pushes you live!

  11. Once your Form C has been filed, and your team has signed all of the appropriate agreements, we can push you live!

Note: If you are raising more than $107,000, hire a Certified Public Accountant to perform a financial review. The review must be for the shorter of the two most recently completed fiscal years or the period since your company's inception. If you would like to postpone the review, you can start with a maximum raise of $107,000 and increase your maximum later. In this case, you do not need to hire a CPA. Once you exceed $107,000 in investments, you can request us to file (for free) an amendment to increase the maximum raise. If you would like us to refer you to a CPA, please email info@SeedAtTheTable.com. 

If you are raising over $107,000, SATT requires that you have an attorney review your offering. If you need a referral, we can provide one.  

Internal Due Diligence 

  • We utilize a third party who performs background checks.

  • We also perform an industry check.

  • We review their business plan and strategies.

  • We confirm the independence of one or more board members and so forth.

  • We review geographic location.

  • We apply quantifiable performance metrics (such as revenue or key ratios), and market data).

  • We review the Issuers records to confirm that its board of directors authorized the offering of shares.

  • We review their articles of incorporation (or operating agreement in the case of an LLC) that are on file with the state.

  • We make sure their capitalization table is accurate.

  • We also confirm that the company is not involved in disruptive litigation.

  • We review other key compliance issues as needed.

  • We also use banking underwriting standards to ensure stability 

Also please read carefully and thoroughly the risks associated with investing in private offerings and well as our education sections.