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Seed At The Table is a California based LLC. Specifically, the purpose of Seed At The
Table is to help spur financing access to a diverse set of entrepreneurs historically and
statistically precluded from more traditional sources of capital. To this end, Seed At The
Table will enable a broader population to build wealth and ownership by allowing diverse
business operators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to offer and sell securities through
its funding portal at As of date of submission (7/29/2020) Seed At
The Table is 100% owned and operated by Pierre Le Veaux. A former financial services
professional who is passionate about closing the capital gap.

Seed At The Table will focus on businesses and entrepreneurs who self-identify as a
minority of any sort. Although anyone can invest in Seed At The Table’s offerings, Seed
At The Table will target people with an appreciation for investing and supporting diverse
entrepreneurs. The type of business Seed At The Table intends to conduct only pertains
to equity crowdfunding and the firms it plans to serve are industry agnostic albeit mostly
focusing on product and service providers that are B2C. Examples include protein
powder companies, hair products, hair e-commerce, coffee shops, etc. that are relevant to
minority/diverse issuers and the investors who like to support them.

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    Rashid Ashraf
    4 months ago
    this is a testing comment from rashid
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    Pierre Le Veaux
    4 months ago
    GOOD luck

Seed Equity Offer to build out infrastructure.

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